Sonatina - a new group of wholegrain cereal of OBST has got three compositions of dried and freeze-dried fruit. High in polish wholegrain wheat and bran, Sonatina is ideal for balanced diet for people in all ages. There is no artificial colours or hydrogenated fat added. With 8,7 grams of fibre and 10,9 grams of protein, this new breakfast option should keep you full straight through to lunch. You can choose your own tasty blend of apples, bilberries, strawberries or blackcurrants. Enriched lightly with natural sweetness of honey and packed with almonds and rasins, Sonatina is the best choice for decently energetic meal in the morning. Take a moment to think about deliciousy crunchy Sonatina cereal while dreaming about nutritious but quick and easy morning meal.

Sonatina is made with real ingredients and is free of artificially added vitamins and minerals. All of the vitamins and minerals as well as fibre and proteins in cereal originates from natural grains.

Eat Sonatina and enjoy the perfect melody of yumminess every morning.