Bran Flakes is a breakfast cereal made with whole grain wheat and wheat bran. This healthy whole - grain cereal is characterised by high fibre content. It also contains vitamins (mainly B vitamins) and mineral salts such as Chromium, Selenium and Zinc. Our deliciousy crunchy Bran Flakes cereal is an important part of healthy diet. Consuming at least one portion per day, everyday, may be a simple way to help improve your digestive health and prevent obesity. So, relax and enjoy our new Bran Flakes and your mornings will be full of perfection. 

Bran Flakes with coconuts and slices of freeze dried strawberries despite having all things listed above, it also obtained a unique and natural flavor. Made with whole grain wheat and bran mixed with snowy coconut and rosy strawberries, Bran Flakes of Obst is a perfect source of flavor inspirations. There is no other cereal sold in Poland with nearly as much bran per 100 g. Our new product has more than 40 % of bran inside. That is why Bran Flakes cereal is a wonderful and healthy breakfast choice for the whole family. Served with milk, yoghurt, kefir or buttermilk, Bran Flakes will be a delicious way to wake up every morning. Bran Flakes is also excellent to taste with vegetables and juice. You can consume it with your favourite soup or salad too, or even prepare your own healthy dessert sweetened with a touch of honey or jam. For someone who wants to be creative in the kitchen: a crispy coating of Bran Flakes will serve to highlight natural meat aroma in your meal. Simply pound the meat thin, dip in egg and crushed Bran Flakes and fry. Then feed your family. Bon Appetit.