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MUESLI OF OBST - a tasty blend of oat, corn and wheat cereals enriched with nuts and dried fruit, invites you to discover a new option for nutritious breakfast. Made with real ingredients, high with all the natural flavours you adore, our MUESLI will keep you full throughout the busy day.

OBST'S TRADITIONAL & EXOTIC MUESLI is a real source of dietary fibre that is essential for our digestive system. The fibre fills you up before you absorb too many calories, and it effectively slows the feeling of hunger for longer than expected. Sweetened with dried fruit, our MUESLI provides nutrients we all need to feel vibrant with the advent of every morning.  Start your day on a healthy path with nutty taste in every portion. Nuts give you so many different benefits with heart - healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals, they especially support brain health.

Best things come in uncomplicated form so start your day with something tasty and simple like our MUESLI.

MUESLI is a solid choice for a quick and easy morning meal. It tastes great with milk or yoghurt while keeping you smiling and energetic. The simplest foods are best for your health, and this is certainly the case for OBST'S MUESLI.