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About the Company

Mleko i płatkiOBST SA is one of the leading Polish producers of breakfast cereals (flakes and shaped cereal products) as well as crisp bread. As the one of the few companies in the world, OBST S.A. produces extruded Bread Chips -  slices of directly expanded crisp wheat bread. The Company was founded over 18 years ago by an entrepreneur from Chełm, Bogusław Obst. Since then, it has been evolving rapidly, while widening its product range. It employs more than 70 employees.

The idea behind the establishment of the brand was to create a Polish family-owned business, which would pursue environmentally friendly activities and provide people of Chełm with healthy food, for both adults and children. Owing to the high quality and excellent flavour of the products, the Company quickly gained recognition among consumers. The Company operates throughout the country, offering a wide range of breakfast products.



Since its inception, the Company's mission is to manufacture the highest quality breakfast food products made of natural and top-class ingredients, and best of all, at competitive prices.

The greatest advantage of OBST SA products is the lack of preservatives and artificial additives as well as advanced manufacturing process which facilitates maintaining the wealth of natural vitamins and micronutrients contained in the ingredients – especially whole grain flours and fruit.

Areas of activity

OBST branded products are marketed through all the available distribution channels: retail, wholesale and modern channels. The Company also sells its products under various private labels and in packagings for catering industry, both home and abroad.

OBST  has extensive experience in production for private labels. Our high production capacity as well as qualified and experienced staff translate into production of high quality products, which satisfy the expectations of our customers.

We offer support in the following areas:

  • development of product recipes,
  • selection of appropriate packaging,
  • manufacturing and packaging of products.

Our competence in the field is confirmed by the fact that we collaborate with the major owners of private labels in the country and abroad, including: Metro, Real, Carrefour, Eko, Lewiatan, Chata Polska, Tradis.

The Company has established relationships with distributors operating in the markets of: Europe, Asia and Africa.

It is of utmost importance for the founders of the Company to produce healthy food free of nutritionally redundant artificial additives that improve only appearance, smell and flavour. Therefore, all OBST products are 100% natural. OBST SA has been a certified organic food manufacturer for many years and IFS certificate since July 2014.

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